The development of new products as a fundamental factor for business growth

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Coming up with creative ideas is an extensive exercise that requires initiative and mental agility. Additionally, bringing these ideas to reality in order to translate them into a product in line with the expectations of each client and user involves combining good practice and methodology.

Nowadays, the growth and viability of businesses depends, to a great extent, on designing and developing products that are of value to their clients and users. Listening to and understanding clients and suppliers is vital to turn product design and development into a joint development partnership.

Over time, we have gained experience and knowledge by sharing our learning curve that have allowed us to offer valuable products to our clients. These achievements would have not been possible without the interaction of all the participants and the support of our ally whom we sincerely thank.

Based on our practices of designing and developing products, we ventured in the development of medical and disposable laboratory ware. Also, we are in the design phase for the installation of an ISO 13485, ISO 14644-1, FDA and CE-Mark – compliant production line.

But before starting with the construction of the productive environment to comply with the demanding production standards for the medical devices and laboratory consumables, we developed and tested products specifically selected for their complexity and productive characteristics. The results of these tests were quite positive.

We are sure that we can experience in this new adventure the happiness of continuing to deliver products with value to our customers.