The awareness and protection of the environment at Plastinovo

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When we talk about the environment, we are including all the people who inhabit the Earth, regardless of their geographical location and origin.

After different discussions and reflections on this subject, Plastinovo decided to actively participate, from our given possibilities, in order to contribute to the reduction of the negative impact we cause on the environment every day.

From several projects that were discussed, we decided to start with a project to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The goal is that Plastinovo will be CO2 neutral by December 2021 and CO2 negative starting on 2022. We will achieve this through different activities and actions, such as the use of alternative ecological fuels in vehicles, participation in afforestation programs, control implementations, and emission reductions due to efficiency and technology matters, among others.

In the initial phase, we are conducting a study to identify the amount of our CO2 emissions as a company and creating formal programs to be implemented. However, we have already started to participate in afforestation and tree planting programs, having as a positive impact the awareness of families—parents and children—on the environment and the importance of its protection.