Our services, before, during and after the injection of moulds.


Mold Desing and Mold Making

A well – designed mold is the foundation of any quality product that will not just meet your required standards but will also ensure long-term productivity and reliability.

The professional and preventive maintenance of the mold is also just as important as the construction itself. It has always been our guiding principle to go the extra mile for our clients by making sure that the molds are well-maintained so that the last injection will always be of the same quality as the first.

In close cooperation with experts, we design and build tools and molds that will meet your needs, be it cosmetic, fragrance, personal care, and medical products. Moreover, we use modern CAD / CAM systems that allow a more efficient and accurate construction.

Moldeo por inyección

Injection molding

The process of injection will be the fruition of all the effort exerted right from the conception of the product. To ensure that you only get precise and quality products in a continuous production, we consider it important to use a combination of only reliable and flexible machines and systems: Our machines are capable of exerting up to 380 tons of pressure.

This will also pave the way for our clients to have a very wide range of options in developing the product they have in mind, in terms of thickness, dimensions, materials, injection type molding (1k or 2k) and many more. This, in order to materialize the ideas of our clients and meet the demands of the cosmetic, fragrance and medical and diagnostics industries.

We offer technical and production possibilities to provide O.E.M. services, but we know that offering competitive costs are of importance.


Quality assurance

We are always mindful of quality in helping you create or modify your required product. For this reason, we understand quality assurance as a comprehensive management system for a personalized service.

The growing demands on the standards of molded parts through the globalization of plastic markets inspire us to continually make use of modern methods and technologies to improve quality and reduce costs.

At Plastinovo, our quality processes are certified and a specialized metrology division supports us with the appropriate guidelines for each project.

Process standardization, safety, and environmental protection are the pillars of our quality management system.

Procedures of our quality assurance system:

  • Feasibility studies in the consultation stage.
  • Manufacturing controls and error management.
  • Measurement and verification of records.
  • Monitoring test equipment.
  • Sample storage.
  • Claims Management (CAR).