Plastinovo: a private company aware of its social responsibility

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Plastinovo is a private company that significantly offers a good or service to society as many other companies do. It creates meaningful and paid jobs that contribute positively to the physical and social development of individuals, in addition to meeting the financial and social needs of companies and users.

Although profit is an objective, Plastinovo incorporates the social welfare of our employees as a fundamental value. We foster a warm, fair and decent work environment in compliance with the law. We are committed to ethical values that include diversity and plurality, which, together, create the identity of our company.

The sense of belonging of our employees, who have created volunteer projects out of their gratefulness, reflects the identity aligned with the organizational objectives.

Every year, we choose a foundation with a social purpose that supports homeless children, elderly people who do not receive a support, or, in general, people who do not have a decent life, in order to plan a joyous event. This event involves giving these people tools and implements necessary for their daily activities and gifts to improve their living conditions and bringing joy to those who need it, in addition to preparing and sharing meals and celebrations with a love that manages to keep in their memories these moments of joy.

Our new project for this year is to establish a volunteer agreement with a neighboring foundation, in order to listen to, talk to, support, and entertain the lonely or forgotten people who live there.