Welcoming you with kindness is part of what we are and what we want to project. Do not get surprised when this happens because you surely deserve it!


In 33 years of experience, we have acquired knowledge on plastics, applicable to different components and products according to the technical demands, and on a variety of materials such as HDPE, LDPE, SAN, PP, POM, ABS, and Surlyn. Thus, to achieve the results to which we are committed, we have integrated this experience and knowledge with constant optimization of processes, technologies, and techniques.

Furthermore, the valuable day-to-day contributions of our people become the pillar of our track record, which is based on:


SERVICE: It is a key value in our company, since it means having a willing and transparent attitude. Through service, we expect to add value our suppliers and clients.

SPECIALIZATION: It represents the effort to achieve and keep a constant level of quality, strengthened through a permanent system of training and empowerment, guiding each process stage towards the compliance with the cosmetics industry demands in terms of components and products.

EXPERIENCE: It allows us to contribute versatile ideas or solutions during consulting sessions and discussions on crucial matters such as supplies, product design, mold construction, and injection processes.


Thanks to our dedicated and transparent work, we have built a network of allies that complements our capabilities to offer final high-quality concepts or solutions.