Product design and development It is considered that creating a new product design implies almost the same level of work as the modification of an existing product design. In both situations, we approach the task in a methodological and creative way to combine the design objectives with the engineering possibilities. In the design and development procedures, the project manager involves interdisciplinary personnel from Plastinovo and partners, as well as different participants from clients. This philosophy of work at this initial phase is intended to establish communication and assertive team performance to ensure consecutive processes and obtain a product of value for clients. Different techniques, such as 3D printing that helps to identify if a product meets its design definition, CAD / CAM software to establish the construction and the manufacture of prototypes to evaluate functionality, support the design and development process. Our capacity and structure allow us to offer our clients the services of O.E.M and O.D.M, services provided successfully. Based on applied methodologies and techniques, we are developing a new product lines for medical and laboratory use.