We greet you with kindness and a smile

In our 33 years of existence, we have certainly learned from others, but we have also shared our experience and knowledge. Today, we are able to manufacture components and products for the fragrance and cosmetic sectors in a methodical way.

Our team is and has always been the heart of Plastinovo and its efforts are focused on three pillars:

SERVICE: We understand service as a value, so we adopt an attitude of respect, collaboration, and transparency. Providing solutions to our customers’ needs, whether simple or complex, is a great achievement; but turning them into collaborative partnerships is the joy of our work.

SPECIALIZATION: It is the continuous effort to improve and upgrade the comprehensive quality system, which is consolidated through an adaptive system of human management, training, and empowerment, focused on each stage of our procedures and processes in order to meet the changing and unpredictable demands of today’s world.

EXPERIENCE: Mutual support over time, which includes holding constructive discussions with our suppliers and customers, implementing suggestions, accepting our mistakes, and making changes, is what make us gain a little more experience every day.

Network of allies

With respect and transparency, we work hand-in-hand with our allies, who complement our capabilities and technical offers.

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