A smile always has an impact of joy, encouragement and life.

Our wish is to see more smiles on our children, parents, families, friends and people we don’t know, and with those smiles to celebrate a MERRY CHRISTMAS with love and to cheer and encourage life IN 2021. Take care of ourselves and our loved ones.Plastinovo S.A.S

The development of new products as a fundamental factor for business growth

Coming up with creative ideas is an extensive exercise that requires initiative and mental agility. Additionally, bringing these ideas to reality in order to translate them into a product in line with the expectations of each client and user involves combining good practice and methodology. Nowadays, the growth and viability of businesses depends, to a […]

The awareness and protection of the environment at Plastinovo

When we talk about the environment, we are including all the people who inhabit the Earth, regardless of their geographical location and origin. After different discussions and reflections on this subject, Plastinovo decided to actively participate, from our given possibilities, in order to contribute to the reduction of the negative impact we cause on the […]

Plastinovo: a private company aware of its social responsibility

Plastinovo is a private company that significantly offers a good or service to society as many other companies do. It creates meaningful and paid jobs that contribute positively to the physical and social development of individuals, in addition to meeting the financial and social needs of companies and users. Although profit is an objective, Plastinovo […]